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We create
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BanFast is a local management company that has the area around Norra Bantorget on Norrmalm as our target group. Our employees work in teams around individual properties, with a focus on proximity and local knowledge. We are personal, trustworthy, and never more than a few minutes away.

Management & Ownership


Included under the umbrella AB Folkets Hus i Stockholm (formed in 1947) are BanFast Förvaltning AB, Fastighetsaktiebolaget Barnhuset 20 and Fastighetsaktiebolaget Barnhuset 25. Our business is owning properties, property leasing and property management, owning and managing real estate and movable property, and activities compatible therewith. The subsidiary BanFast Förvaltning AB conducts operations and property management of the Group’s own properties as well as external operations and management assignments.

AB Folkets Hus i Stockholm

Fastighets-aktiebolaget Barnhuset 25

Fastighets-aktiebolaget Barnhuset 20


Folkets Hus is a private company, and is owned by a group of unions with LO as the main owner:

LO (Bantorget Egendom AB)
LO district Stockholm
Kommunal Stockholms Län
Byggnads Stockholm/Gotland
SEKO Stockholm
Swedish Electricians’ Association
Trade Employees’ Union dept. 20
The Swedish Musicians’ Association
Transport Workers’ Union dept. 5

Sustainability work

Our sustainability work is a
integral and natural part of the business. It permeates everything we do from purchasing to the office, a health-promoting workplace with a good work climate, to energy
streamlining and environmental certification of our properties.

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Annual report

Annual Report 2019

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Norra Bantorgets intresseförening (NBIF)

NBIF consists of about 15 property owners, companies and organizations. Together we keep track of everything that happens around Norra Bantorget.

NBIF’s website

Working here

BanFast is a management company of 16 people, with the area around Norra Bantorget on Norrmalm as our target group. We’re located in brightly lit offices on the top floor of Norra Latin, working in teams around individual properties.

Our personnel policy can be summarized as follows:

Simple organization with short decision paths.
Participation and personal responsibility for the execution of the work.
Profitability centred around a customer and business focus.
Active competence development.
We work for equality and against all forms of discrimination.
We have a good working environment and create conditions for good health for all employees.


At BanFast you can work as:

  • Property manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Project manager
  • Operations technician
  • Property manager
  • Real estate economist
  • Accounting economist

Available positions

Right now we are looking for an operations technician!

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Our properties

At BanFast, we take care of a number of properties, mainly in the area around Norra Bantorget. From historic Norra Latin to a variety of offices. See a list of all of them here.

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Our tenants


Read more about our work with Dansens hus,
Norra Latin and LO-borgen.

CCC & Norra Latin

"BanFast has helped us solve many of our challenges."

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City Backpackers

"BanFast understands our business very well."

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Cool Carriers

"Responsiveness and quick reactions are probably the most important thing for us."

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