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Our sustainability work

Our sustainability work is an integral and natural part of the business.
It permeates everything we do from office purchases, a health-promoting workplace with a good working climate, to energy efficiency and environmental certification of our properties.

We work with the Global Goals and Agenda 2030.
Part of that work is for example, energy efficiency improvements, environmental certification and education.

Work with energy efficiency

After investing in a new control- and regulation systems in Folkets Hus and Norra Latin, we have replaced time-controlled ventilation in conference rooms and theater halls to controlling with temperature and CO₂. This means that during the day we only ventilate with a low level flow in the premises. When occupied, the air exchange increases to maintain the best comfort and economy.

From adjusting the ventilation manually based on booking lists of the rooms, with most likely over-ventilation as a result and dissatisfaction for the tenant’s customer when premises have been changed at the last second, we now have an automatic system that adapts to how the premises are used.

In Folkets Hus, we have also replaced the large supply air fans from belt-driven motors to more efficient direct-driven fans. Being pressure controlled, they only deliver the amount of air that is currently needed. This saves both electricity and heating / cooling energy. Another improvement is that from having recurring complaints about the ventilation from our tenant, we no longer get any comments.

We have also installed presence-controlled lighting luminaires with LEDs in stairwells and basement corridors, which reduces electricity consumption.

Looking at energy consumption and compare the year 2016 (before we installed the new control system) with 2019 (as 2020 is not a normal year), we see a reduction in energy use in both properties.

Reduced energy use

District heating: -8%
District cooling: -11%
Real estate electricity: -10%

Another part of this work is that we buy climate-positive electricity.
From 1 January 2020, we only buy climate-positive electricity. All electricity we buy comes from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, water and biopower. In addition, the electricity supplier invests in projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions globally.

Environmental certification

We have started our work to environmentally certify our properties according to BREEAM’s certification system. In our contract management, we also help other property owners with this certification work.


By spreading the knowledge about good sustainability work to the younger generation, we make further good efforts. An example of this is that we contribute to the book Natur & Miljöboken, which is distributed free of charge for three years to middle school students throughout Sweden, which gives students a comprehensive environmental education. In this year’s edition, tasks and exercises are linked to the Global Goals.


As part of educating ourselves in sustainability, we have an internal newsletter, with a focus on learning more about the Global Goals, and taking part in news in sustainability in the construction and real estate industry. Read our newsletters, in Swedish (pdf).