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Our history

From a meadow on the outskirts of the city to one of Stockholm’s most central places – the history of Norra Bantorget is synonymous with the history of Sweden’s capital itself. Here you can read about our neighborhood.

The original Folkets Hus opened in 1901, but as early as 1917 the property was overcrowded and more space was needed, so the neighboring properties were incorporated into the enterprise.

During the 1930s, the planning of a new Folkets Hus began under the direction of the architect Sven Markelius, but it was not until 1960 that the new Folkets Hus was inaugurated. At the time it was northern Europe’s largest conference center.

In the 1980s, Norra Latin was repurposed from a school to a conference center. In May 1991, LO bought the property from the City of Stockholm. Since 2009, conference activities in the property have been conducted by Stockholm City Conference Center.

Stockholm City Theater moved to Kulturhuset in 1990, and in its stead Dansens Hus moved into these premises the same year.

Scandic bought Wallin hotel and took over the hotel business in Folkets Hus. The hotel was named Scandic Norra Bantorget.

the shares in the office properties Barnhuset 20 and Barnhuset 25 were acquired by the company, with the aim of converting Barnhuset 25 into a hotel, which was completed in 2015. Since 2011, external management is conducted through the subsidiary BanFast Förvaltning AB.

What’s happening on Norra Bantorget in the near future?

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